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Now, let's move on, how can you effectively magic so that you don't have trouble with your little knowledge of the thing. I also have a good text for this:

Don't do anything else that you wouldn't be happy with if someone else did you and then you can't get that big trouble.

Those who now choose to make their way through the easy way have been looking stupid to me for what you could do. But there is suspicion that I'm not so stupid. People, it could even be my own island with model babes and raspberry syrup in my pineapple cocktail, which would be made by the world's best mixer. Still, I'm sitting in a panel apartment in Óbuda for almost 20 years and if we assume that I'm not so stupid then why. Most people want to magic because of their self-realization. But what if I did? I only imagine this in the short term, turning my chances and talent into petty money. So, first of all, you should think about what you really want and where you are drawing your boundaries. The limits of your opportunity, the limits of your engagement, and the limits of your dignity. It should also be borne in mind that if you start to deal with yourself, your viewing angle will change. If your viewing angle changes, the importance of things will also change. Not sure what's gonna be cool now, it will be later. Not sure if you find out who you are and why you are here, you will definitely go to the monkeys.

Let's start with the one who is interested in the spiritual support of the ÉlményPark, visiting the website of the ÉlményPark ( and the professional blog I've talked about. Although the purpose of the ÉlményPark is the highest degree of flexibility and compatibility, I will speak more generally about magic, because I do not exclude the possibility that someone does not want to get into it or do not want to get inside now.

Let's first look at how much or under the influence of others. If your magic is your responsibility and someone is successfully manipulating that you think your purpose is your goal, you work for others free of charge on your own account. I found something for that, which I called the "Compass of Life". Do you know what's on the sensibil? I didn't know until I met it in an esoteric group. First, I met the external sensibil, until I realized that it worked without an external device, and then I used the internal sensibil, which was one of the bases for communicating with the helpers. Then, you can move on step by step if you are not born a super talent. For thought communication, I use the Thought Chat (Gondolatchat) holoapp, which for the first time may be very steep for someone who doesn't get used to it. The danger of such things is that you get frightened by panic. My answer to this is if you are frightened of using your mind's potential, not being prepared for it or maturing. Take such a thing seriously and defeat your ego! Believe me, it is better to do everything in your time, so I went through it at the time and now I'm here. If I stayed in that group when I was lying at the time that I saw what they expected from me, maybe I would read someone else's writings here today. Returning to the Compass of Life. Only then you are the lord of yourself if it vibrates at the same time of all 4 of the following topics:

Interest - Feeling - Desire - Thought

Every magic is based on the human mind. What behaves like a browser on this network of consciousness. In order to use this browser professionally, you need to get ready for it. In my own example, I can tell you the way. Anyone who enters this, and even a beginner, can't imagine what can be done from this, just read about it from others who share their experiences. I lived a very busy life, I was full of affairs and there were many people in my life. Affairs, things, people. My brain was shocked by the fact that I couldn't imagine emptying my thoughts out of my head and watching the inner silence in myself. To do this, I had to slow down, which I had to understand why it was good for me to slow down. Perhaps the turning point was brought by a book, Carlos Castaneda wrote and was called Don Juan's teachings. Here I read that if you want to do this seriously, you have to stop the world. I did this at a level that I developed the Holo Room theory and experienced the 10-year time scale. You don't have to leave until you want to, because those who use their mobile phones aren't all application developers. The average time of an average person is minute and hour time scale, the limit of which is a week and a month. They are more proficient in esoterics, who continue to live in reality, even though they are thinking of the daily time scale, the limit of which is the time of the year. Whoever moves to the ten-year time scale must disappear from public life into loneliness, that is, the only state of existence where anyone can stops the world.

The greater this time scale, the deeper your magic will be, the power of your thoughts and intentions, but the realization of these will shift from short to medium and long distance. If you understand these, you have the knowledge that can be enough for you to decide whether you want it or when you want it. If you are in doubt, the Magic Quartet can help you with everything you need at all times. It is worth measuring back and forth, because people often forget that they may not meet their own dreams.

Suitability - Ability - Competence - Free Will

The hardest thing to start it anyway. As I look back at my own memories, I can report two really difficult times in my life. One was when I got inside, the other is now when I come back from it. But you can also choose the easier way, which is a stable membership in an esoteric group (or a secret society) where all of the things I have written about the master's work and responsibility. Since my journey is basically the only one on my own, I am more familiar with this because I really consider it a real gambling to find a master who later speaks about what he is beginning to do and does not require me to surrender. As an aquarius, I am not the submissive type, but we are not the same. Other personality and zodiac people may have other things important and many things that matter to me are less important.

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