Who are the magicians?

Everyone believes that magicians are mysterious people who have acquired mysterious knowledge for you in an area that you have little courage. My father, throughout his life refused to have a magic, but one of the greatest wizards I've ever seen. He didn't believe in the life after death, which I'd like to ask about now, but he's already dead. In the days before his death, he lay smiling in some sort of trans condition, looking up at us, he sent us from the hospital. Later on, we will talk more about death, but this is only a matter for the subject so that nobody is deceived by the appearance. Even if someone is not officially a wizard, it may be that he never wakes his mind.

I use this trick myself, which everyone pushes. The essence of the trick is that people prefer to believe what they want to see. If I help them with this by acting as a loser (in their eyes), I dress silly, I almost offer the chance to look down. As it happens, they are already lost. What kind of game? It only comes out later. The essence of this game is how you see things and people in the present. The key is not to look down at anyone, even if you have a good reason for doing this, because it is far from certain that what it looks like today will be tomorrow. In my introduction I mentioned my one-year foreign work, where an international team came together. Before I tell you about the story here, you know about me, if I see a good magic, I usually take it over and develop it for the modern world. Often the original owners do not know it. I called this technique Nepalese Technique because I noticed the Nepalese, but I didn't understand why. At first, it appeared that in an environment where everyone called the other by their first name, only the Nepalians were not called upon by us (Hungarians). It was sharp when I heard one of the Spanish boys' emphasis. I realized that it could start out from the Nepalese themselves, because not everyone can be at the same time. Finding why was already part of my own learning as part of a development process, I don't think many would understand if I start to describe it here. It's better for everyone to come up with it, because it means much more valuable knowledge than to memorized what you read here.

When someone appears to be a magician in front of people, it indicates that he or she wants to be more or looks more than it really is. This can easily turn into reality if people believe it, because what you believe that is your truth. When our occupants took my spiritual power, I didn't doubt it because I realized something. If you do not have spiritual power, you will still remain at your real level, only increase your manipulative abilities. One of my great sayings was then:

If there is no power, others will have it.
If you manipulate others, you are already a magician if you do not believe in the magicians. People have a tendency to have prejudices that they don't even think about. Manipulation is seen by everyone as an evil thing, but it can be used for good. It is important to understand here that it is only the vision of the present that decides what is good and what is bad, because you can interpret a good thing later as a result of more information being bad and vice versa. I once heard a German saying: "The one who does the worst with you will do the best for you". This is true for those who like to play this game a lot if you survive. Anyone who uses force can easily understand its philosophy. The greater your strength, the greater your chance of winning over those who use force against you. But what about manipulation?

There are environments where peace is the measure of development. In peaceful worlds no one uses force against the other. If you can't use force, what's left? Who finds the answer?

There are basically three types of manipulation:

1. Lie manipulation

The beginner's weapon. The big drawback is that you have to remember constantly what you said and the risk of falling. It is only worthwhile to use it in the short term and only if you never want to belong to the group you are using. The disadvantage is that it increases the prejudice if it is used by as many members of a particular group of people as it can, that lies worth only in a short angle of sight.

2. Half-lie manipulation

Politicians and masters are the most used. In esoteric it is a good thing if you have a good spiel. Here one can say that they have only declared half of the Truth, and the other half has to find out for themselves. The disadvantage is that this spiel does not come in very much against the outraged (and low angled) masses, that is, it will only come in the medium term and until the long distance has arrived.

3. Truth manipulation

This is the weapon of the real pros. You can also prove that you are a real pro if you survive because no one likes to hear the truth. Therefore, if one were to try such a thing, it would be worth to put his/her ass in an apartment and let it go until the time breaks out of the period, while the power of many opposing energies does not lose, which then escapes. This is an excellent time for learning and self-improvement, because you have to stay away from all things and people who may have these energies. The key to truth manipulation is correct timing. It is worth knowing that if you tell the truth, nobody believes it in the present, but nobody can say nothing afterwards.

What can those who are in the game do, that there are bigger players in it? In this case, they reach out to some technique (find summonable beings in a book) that someone once invented and created. They also have names and are like a kung fu school. There's not enough to learn the technique, you should be a good fighter. In general, the thesis is that if you are a black belt, no matter what style. As well, if you tie a black belt on yourself, you will not be a master, you will only look like it. But if you are authentic before the sheep with shiny eyes (but with creative power), you can be really master, because what they believe is for them. But with this, you can't get away with the real work, because you have to play a role. So the conclusion is that the great magicians were just as stupid and maybe now as you are now. They keep going so far that they have discovered more about how the world works.

So I'll tell you the end of a big secret. Don't tell anybody because then someone else knows! In fact, it is never worth it to be unfair.


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