What is magic?

Do not believe that magic does not weave our everyday lives. But the worldview of people is almost limited to the outside world because the third dimension is about it. But few people live only in the third dimension, because everyone is dreaming. Basically, two things determine who sees and understands the world. What we believe and know about it. These are the two things that make us boundaries and limit us to these boundaries.

Magic is like action, but in the range we don't see.

Now let's walk around the magic. People identify with sorcery, but magic is much more than that. Sorcery is a conscious activity, while magic is present even if we do not believe in it. Our inspiration, our thoughts, our desires, our imagination all interact with the world. Science has also come to the conclusion that the reality we know is a hologram, where the separation of elements is only an illusion and the world is related to deeper levels. If everything is related to the deeper levels, we only need to find out what is needed to discover these deeper levels. It is not so easy because a person living in the outside world requires the evidence, but the domains of the dream are hard to document.

When you have a spiritual experience, it is a personal experience that you can only inform other people in words. Those who believe or not. If you confess to something that they do not live, it would be evidence of the existence of magic, because you have exerted an influence on other people that they would not have done at that point in time. That is, with your will you have achieved success with them. What if it's not magic? When a natural healer heals with energy through his hands and you feel the warmth of his/her hand as the energy runs through it, it is also an experience that you cannot explain. Science can't explain everything. When such a thing happens, science is silent because you document it in a video that is visible to you, it doesn't fit into the logical order of science. In addition, the video can be manipulated, which again does not help us to prove it, but it helps the magic to remain hidden.

Behind the thing is the human brain, which has two hemispheres. Your whole life is about getting these two hemispheres trying to get in harmony with each other. The fact is that both have an allied and enemy aspect. It depends on what the question is, it changes as your minds and interests change. Both strive to accept his leadership, translate it either just believe it (that is, live a religious life), or just know (that is, accept only the proven things). The thing is that by shaking any of them, you can have a serious impact on the other and your world image can change from this day to tomorrow.

If I had to tell the rational half of the human brain what magic would be, I would say the following. One man's interaction with another in the form of injecting energy into the other's energy system, which can influence its life. Energy does not necessarily mean what you think about it first, because if I get stumbled, I can have a great effect on you, which would be difficult without some explanation. Later, we would come to the conclusion that this effect could be defined as energy. The stream is also an energy form. Maybe the shock is we have not yet revealed its frequency, its mass, nor its behavioral laws. We have come to the rule of law, which is the basis for the systematization of science, and its form of expression is mathematics.

The emotional hemisphere laughs it and asks how could you tell yesterday's dream in mathematical language?


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