What is esoteric?

Meaning of Inner World. The question is, what can I tell you about your inner world? It is not difficult to answer. Nothing. I can only talk about my own, but you don't have much to do with it. And the question arises here, are you interested at all. Therefore, esoteric is something that everyone has to encircle himself/herself.  You can do that you are not doing and living in the outside world, as most people do. That's just a conjecture, if the purpose of all this is to unite with collective consciousness, then the opposite of esoteric, the exoteric (ie the outer world) may be the purpose of collective consciousness, the experience of individual consciousness when it comes to similar activity.

What do people living in the outside world say when someone starts to deal with it seriously? That's crazy. Fool. Mad. They're doing it because you're on your way and you are pushing back the acquisition of property and the importance of earning money because you do not spend time on this, but on something that few people have the courage to do. Nobody likes to admit openly that he has no courage to do this. It's much easier and simpler to tell you you're a fool. There is nothing complicated about this. In particular, it means that you will not able to prove this for a long time, which is proof in the outside world that you have not wasted your time. To prove it, you only know if you make a lot of money with it, because those who live in the outside world have time = money for them. Those who start to deal with themselves in an esoteric sense, however, have the time = chance.

When the question of money arose I found it so important, because this is one of the things that will give people a goal not to feel the pain of time. The chase of money is actually about spending time with meaningful things. The other extreme possibility is the religious environment where everything is about the glory of God. Would I ask the question if I were a god, what a god would be if I expected my admirers to celebrate me all day? If you were your boss, what would you think of me if I expected you to do nothing other than flatter me and lick my ass? When you start to deal with the esoteric, you are actually going to be a divine searcher. Suddenly, there will be many enemies who will see you as rivals and if they call out to fools, there is a well-defined interest. In fact, esoteric has nothing to do with religion, as with God (if it exists).

Although many gods are on the stage, you will still find God alone in yourself.

If you find God, you won't be able to prove it to anyone. Now you think that if you find it, you will have a great power and you will prove it to the others. But by the time you get here, you won't want this. You're still starting out today as you are a man who is not cool enough and you can become one if you succeed in it. That is, your goal is provided by this angle of view. However, by the time you get there to prove it, you will see this very cool environment today as a stupid monkey circle, who are not nearly worthy to prove anything to them. You're going to be at a different angle then, where things that you still see are not important. Now I'm testing how to put the two worlds together with the right worldview and I seem to be successful. But its price is that, as long as it seems, they are still up and down, they look me stupid. Down for because I don't care the richest, Up for because I stop with this many goats for a seemingly hopeless thing to seriously argue.

The situation I am doing here is such a hopeless business, but I have been successful with time with some creative bullshit. I've told everything about esoteric in one sentence that can be said about it. But there are four writings on each topic, which is no exception. Beyond that one sentence, everything you read is just talk talk to upload that four writings with content. To see how good I am in this, I would refer back to the first chapter in which we have rationally defined the concept of esotericism.

"I have created a new definition of esoteric, which makes it easy to understand. Everyone has seen a piece of paper with laser-engraving surrounded by holograms. Science has already come to realize that the world around us is a gigantic hologram. Of course, it is not sure that what appears to be gigantic from the inside is from the outside, but let's not get into it right now. Returning to the hologram sheet of paper. If you cut a small piece of scissors and light it up with laser light, you will not see the tiny piece, but the whole picture in small pieces. So if you look at yourself with a tiny slice of light and illuminate it with enlightened light, you will find the whole world in a tiny place. The purpose of esoteric is to find this way."


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