The reasons for the ÉlményPark

So the one year has passed, I came home and got out of the squirrel wheel. Then I didn't even know that I was getting into another one, where the sighters came. In fact, I didn't know anything. I didn't know my fate was directed, I didn't know what years were waiting for me. Because I didn't know about them, I couldn't prepare for them properly. Because of this, I lost my car, failed an apartment and failed many things I didn't know what would have been because my life turned into meditation. Above all, it is a vital advice to those who come on the spiritual plane. If you agree with something, it doesn't mean that you agree with everything. Later, I will explain this helping topic better, and now I will write only a few thoughts here that will definitely come here. Different esoteric groups correspond to the terrestrial equivalents of a galactic group. They will all say that he wants to be good and that they are surrounded by an atmosphere of superiority everywhere. But don't be fooled by anyone! If you were to ask a Nazi, a Jew, an Arab, an American businessman or a broker, he would all say he wants good. Yes, to yourself and your friends. To really help those around you who are close to your goals and quality, I had to deal with serious battles. The Adventure Park is a pretty good thing, but not for them, because it organizes many situations that have been similar to game capitalism so far, if I want to give you a good example. Before I turned to meditation, there was something else to talk about.

I also referred to taking this thing seriously at the age of 30-40. Well, at the beginning of my 30s, I was invited to an esoteric group in the countryside by an ex-colleague, officially known as a lifestyle course. With a more mature head, I watched what I saw, coupled with the same information hunger and discovery spirit, with unchanging principles. As it turned out later, these principles did not fully reflect the intentions there. Individuals on the road are considered to be a prey by these groups, whose purpose is to gather these people and put them into service. Today I say I would never have learned spiritual warfare if I did not go here. But it also had to endure my principles and confront the master when the time came.

In the beginning everything was nice and good. Gold candles burned, dear people around. I really liked to go there, which lasted a long time compared to myself for almost a year. Even though I didn't understand almost anything about the performances, I wasn't a stupid kid and I am not today. There were a lot of things to talk about, and here the same psychological effect was working that everybody pretended to understand that they wouldn't get out of that community. I have gained a lot of experience that I could use for the Adventure Park strategy. Mostly, how not to do it. Don't set up a group. Don't bind anyone. I consider the goal to be a priority and not myself. Never offend anyone. Look very much to whom I give power. The smart man can learn from other mistakes, and here it looked like the master was under the influence of the disciples. He made people like leaders who I would have fired right away. In addition, women had a special advantage, almost melted. But I did not seem to have picked up the rhythm that I expected and found myself out of the group. A good advice. No one loves the hell in such places and if you lean on the chicks, you can bypass the fact that they want it and there will be no big bell. Just as you have to break up with women, but I can only say this trick with male eyes, I don't know how it works, but I suspect it is. One more comment. The fact that you are physically avoiding it does not mean at all that you have actually let go, because you can also bind people with energies. Perhaps this was the reason why I had to go to the deep trans to escape the direct influence of these people and beings. The deep trans is not something anyone can get to. Many things have to do with lucky companionship and I say afterwards that my performance is unthinkable.

The thing started by thinking about where to go to party on one of New Year's Eve days. After all, I went home, I had everything at home that needed a good mood, even ecstasy, with which I had positive meditation experiences before. I got one and got into a 20-minute meditation. When I came out of it and looked at my watch, it was 2 January. I really took myself seriously and quickly into the events that followed, I put everything aside and only started to deal with it. I had no idea that it would take almost 20 years! Actually, I have no idea what exactly was New Year's Eve, because I immediately put down my watch, removed the battery from my mobile phone, tied the doorbell and disappeared from public life. In retrospect, I suggest that this was a New Year's Eve between 2002 and 2003, but don't take poison. The first years were fantastic. I'm still not religious today, but when I told you a slightly rewritten version of the most popular Christian prayer, I felt somewhere in the space energy channels open to me and the energy came to me. Since I've never done that before, I have to do with being so spectacular, but I felt that if I was a holographic game program, I would do exactly the same. The angels were also strange, because they did everything the man wanted with them and all kinds of gods and goddesses could easily be summoned, eager to meet my desires. Do you have to be a thoughtful man to make it appear? Because nobody ever seemed to think deeper into this. Just like a lot of things, no one thought deeper, including helpers, angels, which eventually created my celestial career if I could say so.

I'll tell you more about this in the next section.


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