The Basics of Understanding the ÉlményPark

So I left that group with the positive experience of experiencing something that was missing so far to take it seriously. It is not easy for a person to do it anyway, because if you really think about it, you have to choose in the learning phase. If you choose the outside world, you never reach a serious esoteric level, because the meaning of the esoteric word is Inner World. But I didn't know that then, I just felt. I lived my life and didn't care so much about it. Remembering later, I know that nothing happened accidentally and that it was in close connection with what happened later. But people can only see them in a wider angle of view and see the close relationship between seemingly completely different things. I did a lot of sports. I was martial arts enthusiastically, but not with great results. I almost didn't come out of the tennis court, where I could experience spectacular development until my breakthrough, what exactly came when I leveled. In retrospect, it would not have made much sense, since defeating a few professional players would only have gained an ego of an amateur tennis player and would have been difficult to quit. From there I congratulate those athletes who are able to return to racing after a more serious injury. When I got out of my injury after my injury, my buddy with 6: 7 6: 7 was the result of our last match, literally overwhelmed and I never returned back to them.

The event related to the next topic was my meeting with consciousness modifiers with an adult head. I was at the end of my 20s. Of course, I knew the fears associated with it that would ruin people's lives and make them miserable, but I was a type of explorer in my life. I did it wisely. I've never stabbed myself, and I checked every new thing with whom, what and where it was. When I first sowed grass, it happened that I stood there in a company that was known then, and once the stuff came to me. I didn't smoke. I looked at them, CEO, programmer, and so on. In retrospect, I say this was inevitable, because my level of consciousness had to follow my level of initiation and it had to happen quickly because I hadn't dealt with it before. Later I became a member of the team who dealt with solving the problem that it would be good for people to develop their personality and see where this is going on the physical plane. You can read this in 50 years, so I'm not more specific. However, returning to the end of my 20s, it was one of the best times of my life. He also taught something that was unimaginable until then. To stay at home on my ass and start turning in.

You shouldn't be afraid to keep doing something right or not because you can't avoid it. When the question arises that you have a prescription or control of your destiny from your free will, it is difficult to answer clearly. But I don't run away from this difficulty. The lower your consciousness, the more decision-making you have. However, if you sign up for other levels of consciousness, future events will be pulled and influenced by the current scene. However, you can also shape these future events by responding to the effects that you are experiencing on the move. How do you develop yourself, what do you believe in, and do you stick to the principles, even when the lighter roads open up to you. I remember once for an esoteric group where I once appeared. Probably because I heard something there and I just needed this one piece of information. I could have stuck there and maybe it was up to me. The one piece of information was that the Hungarians would play a big role in the ascent of the planet and then come to someone who achieves the results that the forces currently ruling the planet will be helpless. The human brain is a strange thing. Everyone wants to be cool, but when such information comes, no one believes that that person would be him/herself. But anyone could be. It all depends on what you believe about yourself, what opportunities you create (whether retrospectively back in the past, but that can be a lot for you), how you live your life and what you do to succeed. Because whoever will do this, you have to subordinate it to almost everything, and it's a tough thing to live in a world where everyone looks for a stupid (and loser), because if you do, you can't focus on your affairs (and money). Everybody will see that while you could do much more, you will get down and ruin your life, because no one understands why you are outside of you. That's why you need to listen to yourself and not to others. If you listen to others, you will definitely get stuck, though your name is on the scoreboard of your life and not on others. People who rival many times (secretly) and are not sure that their advice serves your best.

When you are 30 years old, you will usually count on your life and make sure you do it based on your career. Then I made the most serious decision of my life called by the profession that I quit the squirrel wheel. It was a very steep thing, because I left the Commissioner for a completely uncertain one. Immediately before, I went to work abroad for a year, and I would say today that I crossed the 5D gate. I was a member of an international team, where the compulsion quickly taught international english, which is characterized by the ability to understand everyone in all dialkets, except for English native speakers who seem to speak to you in a foreign language. I write this in English so my google tranlate friend can help me. The one who would like to do this is my advice that it is good at some level if you can speak English, because if you do not make it quite clear and leave the decision to the machine, it can easily translate the opposite of what you want to say. That is why it is necessary to have a rigorous revision, which involves a lot of work on such a level of material. This is important because my English knowledge is ideal. Can't send anyone who doesn't speak Hungarian, can't sniff the media and has lots of other benefits the disadvantage is that they look down because you don't speak the language well. You know what? Look at it, look down, because I have no money, look at anything you want. Because you want it all, because it caresses your ego for everyone if you can be more than a person who is much more than that. Because of the greater angle of view and the deeper level of consciousness, they will see a sociopath anyway, because you are losing your solitude to deal with your Inner World and the more you develop there, you will see larger monkeys seeing people who have been gobbling up until then.

But why is it good for you when you go to solitude and not focusing on asset acquisition? I have created a new definition of esoteric, which makes it easy to understand. Everyone has seen a piece of paper with laser-engraving surrounded by holograms. Science has already come to realize that the world around us is a gigantic hologram. Of course, it is not sure that what appears to be gigantic from the inside is from the outside, but let's not get into it right now. Returning to the hologram sheet of paper. If you cut a small piece of scissors and light it up with laser light, you will not see the tiny piece, but the whole picture in small pieces. So if you look at yourself with a tiny slice of light and illuminate it with enlightened light, you will find the whole world in a tiny place. The purpose of esoteric is to find this way.


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