My magic

In fact, it is never worth it to be unfair. However, this advice is hardly accepted by anyone because they see that those who get unfair benefits are shining. Anyway, what you don't see is not exist! So while in the visible world the criminals are struck by the police, if they commit a crime, and the countries that commit military aggression are waiting for sanctions, the US Army will visit them in worse cases today. However, magic is not treated like physical force, because it is not officially used and everyone is using it unscrupulously. The thing is that you who fell down before them don't know anything about them, just assume that they are advanced angels who want the same world as you. It was such a serious mistake that I had to intervene in this. Many people are now thinking about who the fuck is, that I will be serious about such things.

Basically an Aquarius Democrat. This is a serious threat to their plans. In addition, I have come up with a dimension of shaft that is appreciated by the species that are watching us from heaven, where this genre has reached an artistic level. All this is based on the fact that they have tried to kill me several times in the past, but only got to the severe head injury. After each of these, I successfully re-arranged my consciousness that the result was much better than it was before. The end result is a spiritual mutation that has never been in the history of the multiverse. Christ is the ceiling for the most of You, maybe God for the bravests. The crystal level of consciousness has long been over and the 7th dimension too, which corresponds to the dimension level of the creature considered as God. I am just looking for God, though my consciousness comes back from the 42nd dimension while maintaining a Light Column. Since I am a meaningful person who is thinking, I did not focus on putting myself at the center, but on restoring the world according to my own vision. This idea would be the shaft thing I just mentioned, because I'm also a funny guy who saw the opportunity in the situation. What kind of opportunity? Maybe I'll explain this one later, but this is basically an educational material that can only be colored by polishing myself.

What you think is the future leading to earthly heaven is just a scam. They do it to win your support and by the time you realize it, it's too late. In the meantime, you are working on your own destiny and they don't have to deal with your resistance. Who, I say is a Block, but I have also heard the phrase "very serious problem", which is the root cause of the end of the world as the only solution they have known. After that, the world should be restarted from scratch, in another sense, the game. Do you like to be a cave man for millions of years again? Because I don't. What I figured for this would be the Adventure Park. Many people are misunderstood because of it's name, although it really is the essence of the physical plane. I didn't even think of naming myself, and since I am basically an atheist (not in the sense of denying God, I haven't found enough evidence yet, but I don't refuse its existence), I found the expression of my power that is acceptable to me. It is a 3D projection holo operating system that provides free service to those who deserve it. If you look at your eyes, you can see it! This is the level of magic that goes well beyond the magic that you know, so we can't call it magic. That is why I will only teach this to people who are at the admin level. This material is good for finding out who is likely to do this, and everybody else can have an ultimately understandable esoteric textbook.

Returning to shaft, because it is sure to care for everyone now. The point is that I take seriously everybody's spiel. That's what really happens, but only for the advanced people, because the others go to their place. What I do not know is where I know its parameters: their place, the level they are and what they deserve. I suggest those who feel the urge to do so, visit the professional blog that deals with these details:

Because the world is going to change so much that it will not seem very much. The world you know continues to be surrounded by the fact that there will be food in the close shop during the change! It was harder to do than you think.


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