How I get started?

No one could answer that. You could find out that you have to ask everyone, then compare the answers to each other. But then this little research wouldn't do much if there were more different answers. So it's unique to everyone. However, I would not do with you that you remain in uncertainty in this matter, because at that time I was thinking a lot and I was getting something.

I came to the conclusion that this requires a firm determination, after which your life simply draws into this situation. Since I did not change this determination on the way, I had a fateful feeling afterwards, and I can't do much about it. The experience is similar to the predestination. Since I did not reach the gate of meditation evenly, but suddenly, it was a rather unpleasant thing because I didn't know it was going to be, and I wanted to start a company right before it. I have lived in a world where money is needed for everything, and I cannot even reward the helpers who took part in it. It is no coincidence that it is of paramount importance to create the material conditions of a longer meditation period. Otherwise you will be referring to others in a world where it can be a source of tension. Tension is not the best when you come to creating inner calm. In the past, people went to a monastery, today they go to Tibet or India, where they don't look at you as stupid on the one hand, and know how to care for you on the other. But at that time you fall from the chance to dream of holo operating system because they would stop right away.

I fought the tension by developing a technique for this. If I told you what, you would say it was impossible. To do this level of work so that you are in complete uncertainty about what the future is for you. I thought it was important that I never go off begging, and I had never picked up any aid from the Hungarian State that was later important, but in 3D, we are still in front of them, so I wouldn't explain that. The point is that I was so calm during my meditation that I was broadcasting it to people who were in a much better position than me. I would say professionally, that the hologram automation is so if you start, you have to finish it, that is, the world would help you in this. But when you rise to a higher dimension, you will feel the opposite. That is, if you finish something, you have to start it.

It may well have been important in one of the Ezo Groups (I went to such locations to collect data / evidence) where prayers had to be said, which was very similar to what Christians say most of the time. It was similar, but not exactly same. Before that, I never said anything like that and contained a "daily bread" insert that I wouldn't have taken it seriously if I didn't feel that a kinds of energy channels were opening up somewhere above my head (higher dimensional). That's not yet religious, because if this is a holographic video game, I'd do just that. Regardless of this, it is advisable to start the Our Father Pro application (or update it), which thinks of checks and the mechanic.

In retrospect, I would say that it was one of the hardest times in my life, until I got out of everyday life to the gate of meditation. After that, a wonderful period came in, which was a little shade, that it was 3 years before I noticed that my consciousness (beside unchanged outside world) was traveling. It has lasted for 10 years, when it was more that the angelic atmosphere was replaced by hard work, in which I also experienced pains, which I now catch the pain killer by half. This was my next 10 years, which is by no means certain that it will happen to you, unless you are the one who wants to enter these processes at this level. Then, to outcry you everyone who you has saved their ass to an enemy. Why? They will be afraid of their privileges and little power.

So what kind of arc you run depends on your options, your commitment and your own decisions. A tip for the end. If you do not bite the honey string on the go, you may find the honey at the end of the road. I know that it is quite different to read in the present when everything is up to you, how much you believe in them, than in the aftermath when people come here because it will be cool. Full certainty is an interesting topic. Because of risk taking and taking responsibility, you play in a completely different league if you give yourself the confidence before that.


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