Helpers, Angels and the Higher Self

Even when the man sitting at the gate of meditation, still looking for evidence. They talk to him/her about Helpers, talk to him/her about Angels and talk to him/her about the Higher Self. I remember no one told me the difference between these beings, and only that weird pre-trust was what drove me in this case at first. Man tends to confuse these beings. Later, when the thought communication in my life has become daily with these beings, it could have been a joke.

"What are we?"
"We are not UFOs."

From this, the first conclusion is that the Helpers are nothing but alien beings. They are like you are me, just from other planets. From their point of view, a completely different story emerges from ours. Something like theirs is that the Earth has been hit by some kind of disaster, which has led to lower dimensions, and they are in a kind of religious mission to help us rise. This is pretty much the point in a few sentences. Because we are talking about a religious mission, they are connected with higher planes and follow their instructions. This is important to point out, because everybody here thinks that these helpers work for a world that includes words such as criticism, opposition, suggestion, democracy and money. Well, they don't know any of them, but they've heard of them!

Now I would also speak of the Angels. I soon discovered that with my mind I was able to do things that others couldn't. So I got to the real angels with my consciousness. I can assure everyone, they have no idea what we are. Or they have any idea about it like an insane person unable to take care of himself, whose saliva hangs on the edge of his mouth.  The real angels therefore exist beyond the frontier of madness, where only one can dare to make sure that he/she can bring his/her consciousness back. But who are the angels we know? I think they are aliens who are like us the people who believe they are angels. Only because they are aliens and are in the dimensions above us, they are more credible in these roles. But they are angels compared to us! Just like the (crystal) consciousness of our children. If you feel that there are not too many differences between them, I really do not see it. Aliens mostly are like our children and vice versa. That is, if two adults meet such consciousness, they will see the other as a child. It can be stated that we are talking about beings under the name of angels who exist on the frequencies of the Heart. But if I was able to get in there, it could have done by someone else, so it doesn't mean to me at all that an angel is just walking on sacral channels.

Starting from the former logic, the Higher Self may be only a creature (not necessarily a physical form) capable of the same at the frequency of Consciousness. It is only a matter of understanding what these beings are superiors, if we do so in individual consciousness. What a few of them understand is beyond us! It is clear that when you communicate with the helpers, they do not understand anything about these words: I, you, who, whose, with whom. Including but not limited to. Imagine my value in their eyes when it turned out I understood them and you! Other than me would be able to do this, who uses common sense, unfortunately this is done by few, because everyone is immersed in the dogmas required by all kinds of power lines (dealing only with themselves and thinking only on their own). It was a lot of my work to organize, so that the quality of what we mean on the Higher Self, that is to say, the cool guy on a higher plane, who wants the same thing what we do, is overhead.

In the eyes of these beings we are as wild as a monkey in our eyes. There are certain researchers who have realized that the monkeys are not nearly as wild, but their communication is not at the level of words. The dogs also carry much wider communication at barking, which is used only to confirm the information. Aliens do not need a mobile phone because they communicate with their consciousness by being aware of the hologram's feature that there are no distances to thoughts. From now on, if you look up to the sky and see a star or view a picture of a Hubble telescope, you can smoothly engage the mind of anyone whose thoughts rotate around topics that fit into such a (thoughtful) encounter. We are wild because we only live in the outside world and communicate only with words. Believe me, the monkey would like to explain this to people, but as they have no words, we don't have the abundance of people capable of communicating. I would like to note here that dolphins have been able to put a message to humanity in words. One of them was able to formulate human words in a manner that could be interpreted by the human ear at the frequency heard by the human ear. The tabloid was full of news, how cute, the workers thought there was someone at the pool when it turned out to be doing a dolphin. All that man could hear was that a weird voice was coming out: Get out of the water!

I am a man who is extremely dangerous for everyone because I know and I can say that. I am dangerous to masters, priests, scientists, politicians, bankers and everyone who has some level of power in this Order, including the aliens, because the Order itself is questioned by this couple of information I said. But I only told a fraction of what I could have said here. How lucky I have seen this in advance and I have taken care not only of my spiritual defense, but also of my spiritual attacks. The ÉlményPark is a desperate attempt for their peaceful solution because, as I said, a spiritual mutation has come to my mind that is probably unrepeatable. It is a huge big fluke that in this one person, these many coincidences have come together to make this whole (big) here around us develop!


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