ÉlményPark = Adventure Park

It happened once in the past, even in the early 20s, in an era called the change of regime. It was a couple of years that were surrounded by an atmosphere of freedom that few people could have lived in, and as never before in the West. The end was that philosophers and sociologists in Parliament were replaced by lawyers, the big banks came in and the world changed. But before that, in that real free atmosphere, we went with friends and found ourselves in a crowd who just came out of modern worship. I watched these people. They were all well-dressed intellectuals. How can these many seemingly intelligent people believe the many bullshit they preach there? Then I met the esoteric and decided to go after it. It started here and I can't say that it ended with the Adventure Park because it was just a tool I would have liked to have had at the time.

I started the investigation. I bought a lot of books, bought some CDs that deal with the aura, energy systems. But these were just good things to see, with a lot of followers and bulky stuff. I was not willing to believe it in advance. In my life, I was a sensible person whose brain was able to see everything in the system, immediately connected to the information that had been built in the past. What, however, is that extraordinary intelligence is necessary for the success of the institution of "conditional truth".

The conditional truth was needed because I found a lot of material that I had no evidence. So until they arrive, I could only see it as true or not. Although a lot of knowledge came to me, I didn't go forward in the essential thing.

Once only one day, one of my friends at that time set me up to get through a friend to a man who had a foot massage and could only get in touch with a friend. Of course he's interested. In my life, I met little really interesting people, he was one. According to his story, he dealt with the sounding of concerts and dropped from a multi-meter high speaker during an American tour. He was very lame when he was not taken to a hospital, but to an old Chinese. Soon he left his own foot. He was interested in the thing, but the Chinese told him he wasn't likely to be with them because he was not Chinese. But they put a sphere on him to put his hands on and started to spin. He became one of the few non-Chinese who could learn something there that went beyond the reality I knew. As long as I went to it, I also collected my truth about it.

Then the events sprang up. Another member of the company came with the news that he was in contact with someone who was in an esoteric group. They are welcome with us. By that time, I knew that everyone was on their own way and that such communities could only be part of my journey periodically. But here was the chance to get direct impressions of it. I have found that there is certainly something in this, so the existence of the spiritual world has proven to me. It has not been proven that everything is as they say.

But what was this proof? There was no evidence that he left his lawyer's practice there when he came from Denmark, where he met this. It was more of a confidence in him, because at that time being a lawyer was a straightforward path to wealth, yet he renounced doing it. We went to one of his performances, where I admit it wasn't really a thing to do, because it's like learning to programming without a computer, as the teacher explains with the chalk before the board. But a black-dressed goat guy just arrived and sat down among the spectators. One of the girls we were just staring at when talking about energies and seeing her third eye just said that the guy was mentally disturbing the performer. She said she would do something. The following happened. The guy looked at us once, the girl hissed. She said she got something, and suddenly I felt so cold that even my bones were overflowing. This was my first proof that this world is real.

I also got an initiation to say that I didn't consider it proven that something really happened there. I walked there until something happened once. We sat with a lot of people in a room, on the last line. Today I know that it was a guided meditation. Everyone closed his eyes, the master said what to think. Then in the end he asked if everyone saw what we did? Put on your hands, yes. Everyone asked. Now put your hands on who doesn't. I was the only one. Every face turned to me. They asked me what I saw, I said nothing. It came to my conclusion that I am not yet worthy of this, with which I fully understood. I was at the beginning of my 20s, and I thought I'd be able to deal with it at the age of 30-40, and would rather live my life in the physical world.

I wouldn't have thought about how much I would go. But this is the topic of the next writing.



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