Creating the ÉlményPark

Finally, I would like to say a few words about why I feel lucky to have been born here. If I born in America, I will never understand the world. If I born westerner from here, I wouldn't have been here in the narrow time slot when I experienced the full vibration of freedom. If I born eastern, I will probably be tied up in a work camp. If I born northerners, there would be a social impact that would have hindered this work. If I born to the south, women or the mafia would have been caught, which would also have hindered this work. At that time, there was nobody and nothing that people in the West know. There were no secret societies, there were no financial service companies, there was no one who could have prevented the birth of the ÉlményPark. What would never have happened in a normal world and not necessarily in the physical world. Because I have experienced serious problems in the world where you come down from the arrivals and expect the solutions to the problems of our world. The ÉlményPark is about creating the opportunity for every sphere to make their own world settle.

But don't think everyone made a highway to do things. I emphasized again that the age provided me with a time slot for what the "opposing forces" had done. From the inner view, they took the matter seriously, but they didn't take it seriously even though they knew the appearances I was playing for them and the reality could be very far apart. I played for them because I was playing what they wanted to see me. If you see that the other is changing the way you want it, you won't be scared. It is only when you realize that this is just a mask, but it has the advantage that the ÉlményPark is not able to introduce itself to the public at first with its attacking capabilities, but with its defense capabilities, because it has to protect many involved parties. Those who now feel anger and vengeance because of their ineffectiveness, interpreted as treason by the entity that is the source of these passions. I'll explain these things later in the appropriate scope.

Some of the players on the track (slowly starting to migrate to the Adventure Park terminology) knew who I was. Much better than me. The problem with this lack of information is that they are already found when you are still looking for your answers about yourself. So many people can be under the influence that they would certainly not get if they had the right information. Such an attempt has been made with me, but my particular worldview has been obstructed by this obstacle. To do this, it was very important not to want to become a member of any community. This can only be done if you really love the precious state of loneliness, the only one you can individually develop. In all other cases, they take your initiations, take your strength, lose your life, steal your personality and do a lot of things you can't imagine. I was once in a position to decide. Or I can't prevent my knowledge from being picked up or erased by an induction hob. I chose the latter. Anyone who refers to previous lives, any past, will come in vain from now on, because they have also disappeared.

The origins of the Adventure Park are in fact closely related to this, because I had to build something from scratch with the certainty that they will be stolen from me. If you know this, you can build the logic of the system in which you can turn it to your advantage. Because I was subordinate to the goal, using IT thinking, using the linux philosophy, I built a world in which the order of power allocation is completely different from what everyone has been used to. We have moved from collective power to the basis of individual consciousness, which has the great advantage of eliminating a system failure in which all celestial intervention has so far fallen. To fall into the hands of unsuitable and unworthy people, the earthly power, who will not only ruin the world, but will expire everyone, that it will not be the end of the world. This has happened now, but the ÉlményPark is now able to project the world independently and now it will begin to correct.

Everybody is about to get Karma restored and a fair deal is settled in the case of post-correction. When many people who know nothing about themselves go to the masters of secret societies, what do they do? Karma dissolution in an atmosphere based on trust. Those who still remember, such things work for me only under the rules of conditional truth, that is, everything becomes null and void if the conditions (ie the promises in this regard) are not met. You will certainly forgive everyone for everything you do not know about anything and anyone because you are committed to the solution, or if you are worse off, you want to become a member of a community that provides you with protection in difficult times. If you knew to whom and why you had forgiven, you should think about it. If you knew who and what level they were abuse to, you would be very outraged. I was so disgusted that I wrote a holo operating system, which I can't validate even with the power of occupying it because its parameters apply to me.

Naturally, those who have become part of a criminal system in this form, where they have a career, will do everything to put me down and stifle the Élményark, and make it impossible. They do not have much opportunity for the latter, but my expulsion is a smooth affair for them if you believe them. You get the energy from them (in fact, you don't get from them, just through them, which can change), they have your first thought (more about this later) and you may be in need if you don't do everything you are instructed. You wanted such a world? Because I have not, and I have done my best to correct my mistakes and be part of a world that really understands the advanced man under the level of the advanced man, where it should be, not enough to see it. To make the accusations against me on the substantive levels come to life, I had to live a pure life that most people would say was impossible as a man. It's not!


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