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Dream and Reality

What the dream is and what is the reality in 3D does not matter. Not only from your point of view, except if you can do your dreams. But if you are not able to do it, it can do someone else. From the point of view of implementation, it does not matter who implements it. From your point of view it does matter, because you see the world in your individual consciousness, while the world see you as a fragment of a collective consciousness. It may be that your dream is a higher dimensional request or demand. It is also possible that reality is a dream of collective consciousness. I remember well that the different religions and philosophies of the world see the unity of collective consciousness for the individual in ascension. But nobody talks about how this might look the other way around. According to the logic, for the collective consciousness the same is the expression in the individual consciousness, which no one has dealt with more seriously, perhaps because no one has imagined the

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What is Dream and Reality?

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