What is Dream and Reality?

When I speak of reality, I also incorporate my meditation experience. I close my eyes, I stand in front of a bunch of rotating energy spheres, from which impulses arrive in the form of small balls and leave them toward me. Meanwhile, I feel and hear them, but these sounds come from polarized sounds and from my world.

The following thoughts attacked me when I thought about it. What if I see the real angels? What if these angels completely misunderstand the physical world? What do we mean by the spiritual world? If we don't understand what we mean by it? Let's start with the topics one by one.

Who are the real angels?

Real angels are pure beings who, if they were in human form, hardly anyone could tolerate their presence. When I went through my broad spectrum of spiritual space with my consciousness, I reached the border where the laws I discovered were no longer working. I realized that those we call angels are not angels. But another channel that is closest to us is one that forms a link chain. And I'm standing right around this chain. Because my brain is rational, I can only interpret it logically. But because my intelligence is extraordinary, this logic can accept and incorporate irrational elements.

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that the real angels are beyond our limits od madness. In a purity and inexperience that is at an early stage compared to us in terms of development cycles. If I assume that they are present in physical form, then (now, simply omitting the clouds and currents, etc.), they are in animals that represent their level of learning development. In this approach, today's man is an anomaly that is the result of conscious penetration into their world, simplifying our existence as a kind of pedophilia. When designing the ÉlményPark, I paid special attention to this, and when I set the boundaries, I also had the trouble of forgetting the angelic consciousness that they saw here, as the other way around.

According to my observations, the real angels are in the human form in the mental institutions and they are understood from this world as the inhabitants there. They may be present in people with deeper levels of consciousness who have cleansed themselves (empty themselves). Tibetan Lamas, Indian Yogis. Also, I have made an interesting observation that older people who have become children again are taking their characteristics. Those you believe in angels are pure beings, representatives of alien species who also have spiritual angelic channels. And I am also a pure man whose mind is, and as such, I represent a satanic character as divine because I'm thinking. I would note if I did not think, there would be no one at these levels of consciousness who would have ideas for a solution in a childish environment that is more like the Lord of the Flies, but it is still a question of which world it would be. The real angels or their representatives. If I had to guess, I'd guess the latter.

Misunderstanding of the physical world

If you believe in hypnosis that the stack of coins in your hand is a glowing metal, your hand is said to be burning. There is only one explanation for this, that the physical world, as we think, does not exist. If it exists, then it is only a holographic interpretation, that is, a physical projection controlled by consciousness. Now, essentially, I have told you about a future technology that the entertainment industry can make the most of. We only see this whole inside. The ÉlményPark Holoplatform is actually a spiritual operating system created from within. If this is a game program and the angels believe in reality (although why don't they believe it because you also believe it), then you might be misunderstood. The ÉlményPark protects us not only from them but also from us.

Misunderstanding of the spiritual world

If I say that the spiritual world is equal to the dream world, then we mean the spiritual world as dreams. Which is not much. Since we measure all of our dream-related information to reality and usability in reality, we won't expect a breakthrough in this area until it changes. It may well be the other way around.

If we don't understand each other, what do we mean by it?

Part of my novel "8 Worlds".

If one's consciousness jumps from reality to reality and does not notice his death, then faith in the past-present-future timeline based on 3D continuous cause-and-effect relationships is what we are aging for. Those who succeed in stopping this process can do better if they do not depend on anyone, because in that case their beliefs will shake. The real afterlife is beyond the frontier of madness, which does not have much significance because if you are there, this world will not have too much significance.

"Hi, I'd come for exoteric education."
"Hi, how long do you think the outside world exists?"
"I had an experience and I am very curious about the Shadow. There is little novelty in the Light. I have heard that there are lots of different light sources in the Darkness that I can't imagine and the Light Servants are not very pleased if something comes up at the level of thought."
"What was your experience?"
"It was short, but very engaging. It was as if everything was solid around me. Then I experienced for the first time in my life that it was nothing more than the reality that the old tales tell me about. we thought it didn't exist."
"What can you tell me, what was your experience?"
"I was lying on a carpet, a weird light illuminated me, too many elegant people looked around me in a separate square. Unfortunately, there was something in my hands that I couldn't touch and when I patted my face, this weird vision disappeared and I found myself here again. Inside, in the Unconditional Care of the Golden Rays."
"Don't have to push this thing. I know the reality."
"But good. Can you tell me something about time? Do I understand that right now."
"I can only say anything about the time later if you understand the sequence of events."
"What is it good for? It is much better to do everything at once?"
"There are many dimensions where this would be a lot. So some of the Space has been bent to make time."
"What kind of initiations are needed to get anchor here?"
"There's no need for anchoring anymore because we've invented a much better way."
"It is not bluntness? They are deep and serious traditions."
"When these deep and serious traditions were formed at that time, wasn't that bleak then?"
"In order to experience the reality firmly, should I be endarkmented?"
"Only after the endarkment can you understand what is a UV lamp and a neutral LED bulb".


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